Vivek Khatri

My face

Greetings, fellow humans and other non-human entities (Web crawlers, I see you.)!

My name is Vivek Khatri. I am a backend engineer who like to work on early stage products. I like the fast feedback loop.

I have worked at one mid size b2b saas place, quick commerce startup and an early social consumer app. I like startups. I currently work at one. My aim is to become the go-to backend guy for early stage products. I have used multiple tech stacks - Java + MySql, Node + Mongo, Python + Postgres, Python + Mongo, Sprinkle some golang too.

I recently have also started contributing to the Frontend, although I am no master at it, I get things done with help of my colleagues. I love writing code and I am grateful that I do it for a living. I cannot think of anything else that I'd rather be doing.

I love to read sci-fi and fantasy books. I draw comics some times, I write fictional stories, I also crack some jokes here and there.

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